Investment Excellence!

The Bullion Group is an asset and equity based investment firm that strives to do compliance based investments that is fiscal, managed and growth based. Are you looking for a tangible portfolio of products and investments that you can manage from your phone without the cumbersome paperwork, we are your partner. 

Product Areas

Our structured investments are fiscal, managed and growth based!

Real Estate

As we have an in dept knowledge of property we supply a list of property that work currently and with a future lookout and allocated to your portfolio.

Precious Metals

As our name indicates we understand the precious metals industry, we buy at the right prices taking into account the future forecast added to your portfolio.

Financial Instruments

As we have dealt in various financial instruments we believe adding this to your portfolio if done right could be a benefit to growth and stability if understood.

Private Shares

Identifying and making available all private companies to our portfolio holders to take up small holdings of not more than 10%, this limits risks and increases growth.

Fintech Startups

With excess funds and if I high risk model is used, we invest in fintech startups of not more than 10% of the portfolio value and with a maximum of 50% of the total value.

Crypto Invesments

As we are well trained in the crypto markets, we do crypto investments as the discretional part of your investment portfolio. We see it as high risk and your discretion.

Stock Exchange

We buy stocks within your portfolio only from the top 100 companies in each country, we do our spread based on countries and not based on company differentiation.

Project Investments

Project based investments are popup deals or opportunities that arise when there is an underlining asset based security this is included in your portfolio as profit taking.

Financial Management Products

We have many team members and consultants around the world that assist us in making decisions in the different countries.

Our firm your investment

We have been around since 2011, our motivation was to always improve business and do better in an asset class then our competitors. By achieving this there were a public demand that we have to do similar for people outside the group. We introduced product based investment and asset based management, this eventually became our core business.

Why Choose Our Firm

There a reasons why to choose us as your asset or portfolio manager and partner.

Experienced People in Business

All our people have some sort of business as well as one of our products. Everything is open and transparent on a day to day basis.

See Risks as entrepreneurs

As serial entrepreneurs we have daily focus and insight into many businesses. We see why businesses work and what challenges they face, giving as a risk knowlage.

We like neat an simple transactions

Transactions do not have to be complicated, we like simple transactions that our clients can understand when we discuss the underlining transactions or assets.

What Our Clients Say

Over the years we were successful and had many challenges but perseverance prevailed.

One of the best companies I have worked with, my wealth have grown and I have financial freedom!
Emily Rotten
The experience from these people are fantastic. It is great to know that there are still such awesome companies
Mike Devos
The products are solid and well managed, the platform and structure are of the cheapest I could find!
Dominic Jenskin

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